Gemstones have been used for centuries as healing amulets to enhance energetic vibrations, promote physical and mental well-being and serve as protection for the home, as well as being created into beautiful to wear jewelry designs! View our Gemstone Description page for specific qualities and energy attributes of the individual gemstones.

Crystals and gemstones are both filled with energy and conduits of energy. That's one of the reasons they are used in modern devices such as watches, radios and medical devices.

As an environmentally conscious company, we used recylced material for our packaging and recycled metals from manufactors whenever possible.

Spiritual Stones brings you artistically arranged combinations of semi precious gemstones and crystals combined with Argentium and sterling silver, gold and gold filled wire, and fine silver.  Each stone is first cleared and then charged with Reiki healing energy for a specific vibrational frequency. Reiki is a form of energetic vibrational healing that works harmoniously with crystals and gemstones.

Argentium silver is a non-tarnishing metal and is sometimes called the "new white gold".  Instead of being alloyed with copper,which is the cause of silver tarnishing, Argentium is alloyed or combined with an element called Germanium.  Argentium silver does not oxidize when soldered and does not need regular polishing. 

Spiritual Stones creates custom jewelry, unique gemstone
bookmarks, and healing pet jewelry.  Each arrangement is created
 with the vibrational energy of the gemstones in mind.

 Custom gemstone designs can be requested at: info@spiritualstones.net

Spiritual Stones' specialty is chakra jewelry and aquamarine ocean energy creations. Most of the gemstones used work specifically with one or more of the seven chakras.  See the Chakra Information page for more detail.  The cho-ku-ray symbol is added to many chakra designs to increase the energy they emit.  The cho-ku-rei is a traditional Reiki energy healing symbol.


cho-ku-rei symbol                                            cho-ku-rei symbol
set with Amethyst                                          with blue Topaz

Glass cho-ku-rei pendand designed by:bethcollette.com


Sherrie Coursey's experience in the energetic healing arts inspires the creation of each jewelry piece.  Sherrie's 20+ years experience as an orthodontic technician gives her practice working with wire and small, intricate objects.  A Reiki master since 1999, Sherrie has studied the vibrational energy of the crystal/gemstone kingdom and uses her own intuition, as well as popular publications, for her knowledge of each stone.

Each piece is a unique arrangement of the energetic qualities of the stones to form a tool for the wearer to utilize in daily life to balance energies, moods, life issues and find clarity in such things as career, soul mate love connections and life purpose work.

Animals are particularly drawn to and affected by crystal energies and they are a wonderful, holistic tool for them to use in everyday life.


   "I love working with these magnificent pieces of Mother Earth and feel so blessed to be able to create each unique item.  My own personal vibrational energies are transformed in a positive way by interacting with each stone and I am in gratitude each and every time I approach a new creative endeavor.  I hope you enjoy your products as much as I did creating them."                ~Sherrie Coursey~    



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